Field of application Power Laser Soft Laser
  • Endodontics (root channel disinfection) -
    Effective elimination of bacteria with simultaneous disinfection of root canals
    Advantage: Laser light is able to penetrate lateral root canals, normally not so easily accessible by standard dental instruments
  • Periodontitis (chronic inflammation of tooth-supporting tissue and the periodontium) - disinfection of pockets and of the tooth surface
    Advantage: Enhanced localisation and elimination of bacteria
  • Peri-implantitis (destructive changes to the tissue surrounding implant sites) - Disinfection of implant surfaces
    Advantage: Enhanced localisation and elimination of bacteria
  • Minimal invasive surgery -
    Laser incisions to soft tissue (gingiva, mucosa, labial frenulum, etc.)
    Advantage: Generally eliminates any bleeding, speeds up the healing process, reduces swelling, and may make the application of local anaesthetics unnecessary
  • Hypersensitivity of dentin -
    Treatment of hypersensitive necks of teeth
    Advantage: Greatly enhances treatment outcomes and achieves longer periods of relief from symptoms than conventional methods
  • Bleaching (whitening of teeth) -
    Activation and enhancement of the effect of bleaching gel
    Advantage: Greater effectiveness and patient comfort for a lower time investment;
  • Soft laser therapy with red light -
    For pain management, oral wound-healing processes, inflammation and aphtha
    Advantage: Enhanced and faster regeneration and healing of lesions thanks to biostimulation of soft tissue